A photo series from Japan: Autumn Foliage

Going to Japan in autumn was perhaps the best idea we had all this year. Nature is turning gorgeous there and we couldn’t wait to bring you a glimpse of the tranquility we found. Across shrines, temples and world heritage sites, we experienced the early Koya in it’s glory. Check the images below.

tokyo ueno park autumn fall
Oncoming fall in Tokyo
japan shinto shrine prayer autumn
Shrines and prayer walls
kyoto fushimi inari fall koya
The touch of Koya in Kyoto
hiroshima fall japan koya futaba
Walking amidst nature in Hiroshima
shrine japan kawaguchiko fuji
Zozai Ji shrine at Fuji Kawaguchiko
nagoya fall koya autumn japan
Nagoya lit up with Koya bloom
japan shinto shrine fall colours
Shrines getting prettier with Autumn

We got hit by two typhoons during our 15 day trip but nothing deters Japan and the fall is coming on with hues of red, orange and yellow on the Japanese maple scattered all around the landscapes.

kanazawa castle fall autumn japanese maple
Kanazawa colours were the best
japan autumn sky fall autumn castle
How can you not love those skies
hiroshima atomic dome genbaku fall autumn
Hiroshima blooms in glory
pagoda japan shinto shrine fall autumn
Mesmerising pagodas and fall


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