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6 ways to have a Green Diwali this year

Diwali is the festival of festivals, celebrated across many Asian countries with much fervour, diwali is a celebration of love and light. A promise of success and prosperity, diwali has also essentially been celebrated with bursting wonderful looking firecrackers. We remember this from our simpler childhood in the small town of Durgapur,  when the rising AQI wasn’t in our peripheral understanding of the world.

Today, only about 10-15 years from those fiery, happy evenings, we are worried, concerned about leaving a planet with insufficient breathable air to our next generations. Let us admit it that we all caused it. In small ways, however, if each of us can start making changes with their personal choices, the world would definitely try to breathe again. So this Diwali, like the last few, we will celebrate only with candles and lights instead of burnt paper and gunpowder producing poisonous gases and adding them into our ecosystem. As it is, the others are not going to stop, are they?

We bring five recommendations of saying no to one time use products and instead choose a #GreenDiwali for yourself and your family.

Go cracker free – This is the most basic item on our list and should be on yours too. We know it feeds the mouths of little children in remote villages, but it also worsens the air they will grow up in. Make a choice, Say no to crackers. If not just for the air, for the poor pets who are currently preparing to get under the couch or crawl up on the bed to feel safe. Choose #poonchoverpataka this year instead!

Say NO to chemical products and offer healthy gifts to friends and family. Choose cruelty free products from The Eco Trunk – India’s first vegan, cruelty-free portal for lifestyle products that is kind to animals and humans alike. You can purchase a variety of products from apparel to home decor on their website.


Price Range: Rs. 190 – Rs. 7,500


For bamboo products and amazing eco friendly gift bundles you can also buy from the gift collection of Barenecessities Zero Waste India.

Price Range: Rs 1000 – Rs. 2500

Availability: Diwali Gift Bundle

Another option is Paul Penders’ which is an all vegan, cruelty free & 100% natural brand. They create products that are all natural and effective without any testing on the animals.

Paul Penders Corporate Gifting

Availability: Paul Penders

Price Range: Rs. 760 – Rs. 5,200

Consumable Gift Hampers

Love Sugar Dough is offering customised hampers filled with delicious cupcakes, cheesecakes, cookies, macrons for satiating the sweet tooth! Available in ranges of RS. 750 onwards.

Contact them here to order yours!

Celebrate with candles and lamps instead of wasting electricity. USE battery powered LED lights and cruelty free rangoli colours to add festive touches to your home!

Gift plants!


Urban nurseries are the best thing you can start on your balcony today. It creates a positive space in your home and allows you to feel closer to life and growing things every morning. Much like a reminder of how beautiful life is. From potted plants to planters and accessories to compliment the love for gardening of your friend/relative is a thoughtful gift indeed.

Price Range – Rs. 150 onwards

Buying link: My Bageecha or Nursery Live

And something special for Delhi since they will be engulfed in dangerous smog post the celebrations:



Have a very happy, safe, prosperous and green Diwali! 🙂


The Moonchasers

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