What is Overlanding? Here’s everything you need to know!

Ever heard of Overlanding?

By definition, overlanding is the concept of self-reliant adventure travel for long durations to remote locations, over the ground. The primary goal here is obviously the journey and not the destination. How many times have you read that phrase on Instagram? Probably more than the number of tough travellers who opt for overlanding in reality and make the fullest out of their journeys. Still, it is there and is very much booming. Because as many times as we say that traveling is about the journey, we tell ourselves there is much more than what we are doing.

overalnding trucks in the desert

Image: MeetPlanGo.com

Well here it is about Overlanding, it is the history of where ‘adventure travel’ began. Centuries ago, when Australian herders used to travel long distances on the outback to herd their cattle, it was called ‘overlanding’. Much before adventure travel became the norm, it was further propagated by the road builders in Australia. Also to note, overlanding can be done by any mode of transport where the traveller sustains long distance journeys over the ground. However, motorized vehicles have always been held in high regard among self-sufficient travellers, majorly due to the freedom it provides. The Land Rover, Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Land Cruisers have been the favourites in this segment.

overlanding journeys road travel

Image By: BunchofBackpackers.com Atacama Desert Overlanding Experience

So to speak, has India been introduced to overlanding yet?

The answer is a solid YES!

Indian travellers have already made their mark on the global media front with their extensive travelogues exploring the nooks and crannies of this country. Even if not a public’s choice of traveling just yet, overlanding made its entry in India with various companies who are curating overlanding experiences for the more thrill seeking traveller.

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Overlanding is not your regular road trip – not by a long shot! At the heart of an Overland journey are safe and sturdy off-road capable trucks. It could be done in a car with roof-top tents as well. Guwahati base The Camping Company started their journeys in vehicles with roof top tents and reports having a phenomenal response from the audience. Voyages Overland provides the overlanding experience in robust trucks converted to give the basic amenities for a long road journey in the western parts of India and Ladakh.

bonnie voyages overlanding truck

Bonnie – the passenger truck where you stay

The passenger truck by Voyages is air-conditioned and comes equipped with a mini-fridge for those chilled beverages, personal lockers where travellers can store their daypacks, laptops and other valuables safely and roof seats to enjoy 360-degree views while on the road.

The camper utility truck takes care of every other requirement one might have while on the road, including, a fully functional kitchen where all your meals are prepared, a washing machine for the long spells on the road – enabling you to travel light and five washrooms with both hot and cold water!

We cant wait to be on our Overlanding experience, and can bet it is very close to the top of our to-do bucket list. You can book your overlanding journey in the beautiful valleys of North East by visiting http://www.camping-co.com and using our code “MOONCHASERS15” for booking your trip with an additional discount of 15%!

If you are wondering about the amenities, don’t bother! They have got everything covered, along with five toilets! What more could you ask for? Clean toilets are the biggest deal-breaker for long road trips, which is why we carry Peesafe with us everytime!

desert driving

That says it al, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for! Go book yourself an overlanding vehicle and head out. The road can teach us so much more than what four walls could, right?

Voyages Overland presently covers three different circuits in India, namely – Rajasthan, The Himalayas and Central India. Camping Company takes you to known and unknown spots in Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

You can check out Voyages Overland itineraries here.

Watch this video by the Camping Company to know all about the fun trips they organize from Guwahati!




Note to reader: Overlanding is considered a religion. We read an interest account of an avid overlander talking about the influence of social media on changing the idea of overlanding to an off-road drive with 4×4 vehicles. You can read his story here.

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