25 Super exciting brands to discover at The Lil Flea’s 4th Anniversary

The Lil Flea Blog

Well, well, aren’t we excited to treat you with a welcome present for our 4th anniversary!

Presenting you a selection of brands from the 300! coming to this edition, handpicked for your own tastes by our team of top notch curators to offer you the luxuries of choosing and discovering brands to kill for:

B:Kind– Well, doesn’t the name say it all! B Kind’s luxuriously handcrafted delights offer us a chance to overview handcrafted brilliantly cut women’s wear for the daily crux.

B kindBlue Baksa– Quite literally a baksa full of surprises, shoes from Blue Baksa are crafted with love and a dash of giggly humour. The brand explores the needs of cosmopolitan ladies using chic styles, varying heel sizes and bright but oh so sophisticated colors.

Blue BaksaAureole– Woven with a deep rooted love for cultural heritage and timeless style, the Aureole outfit takes Khadi from the Indian…

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