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Travel only with thy equals or thy betters; if there are none, travel alone.
​– The Buddha

Like the sky chases the sun and stars, like gravity chases every particle on the earth, we chase the beautiful, luminescent Moon on our travels.

No. Don’t think we are secretly werewolves. We are Joydeep and Chandreyi, friends of a decade, lovers of a while, and travel partners till the end of time. Besides being an Architect (Joy) and a Communicator (Ahem, Me!), we are seeking the greater meaning through people, nature and photography on our travels.

Sitting on a dark and abandoned fishing boat, waving against the tides in a secret creek in Goa, we stumbled upon this perfect idea! Amidst the cry of crickets, soft lapping of water on the wet sand and a distant goods train on the steel rails, we decided to create a platform to share our unique experiences with everyone. You, are now our friends in this journey. You are our inspiration and the fuel that keeps us going.

Current residents of Mumbai, we both held a competitive corporate job (Joydeep still does). However, I took a step towards what makes me truly happy – my feet being in a place that i haven’t seen before! Thus, our journey to become kickass content creators started!

We are very much new to blogging, so pardon simplistic errors. Our photography will mature with every passing day (videography is pretty kickass though!), our SEO will grow better and we will probably travel the whole world. But it would not be possible without YOU!

So, thank you for dropping by and sharing our enthusiasm and love for exploring, absorbing and interact with no one but Mother Nature, in our own tiny way. Stick with us as we take you to the world of the most amazing experiences you can create on your travels.

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